Make A Cake In Just 2 Minutes

When you have a sweet tooth and want something that's more than just a chocolate bar, yet you want to make it easily so that you can eat it ASAP, microwave cakes by Betty Crocker are your friends.


The Betty Crocker loaf cake is also handy for pot luck parties and last minute guests who show up at your doorstep!

Betty Crocker has been part of the family since 1921. It's quite a lineup. The world over. You can find Betty Crocker products in more than a dozen markets worldwide. From fresh potatoes to great-tasting dessert mixes, frostings, convenient meals, there's always someone in the family enjoying offerings from Betty Crocker.


- 120 Millilitres of Milk


1. Pour contents of pouch into the tray provided.

2. Add 120 millilitres of milk or water and mix with a fork until smooth.

3. Microwave for 2 minutes.

4. Cool for 2 minutes and delicious QuickCake is ready to eat/serve.

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