Preparation time

10 Minutes

Cooking time

80 Minutes



Make the signature banana bread pudding dish from Magnolia Bakery for just $20 at home as opposed to the USD$35 you would pay at their shop in New York.


Victoria Cheng shows you how to prepare this decadent treat with sweet bananas, fragrant vanilla wafers and layers of creamy goodness.

Cooking Tips

1. There is an additional 3 hours to allow the pudding to set in the fridge.


can (400 grams)
Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 1/2
Ice Cold Water
package (100 grams)
Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
, (preferably Jell-O brand)
Heavy Cream
box (340 grams)
Box Nabisco Nilla Wafers (Vanilla Wafers)
Ripe Medium Bananas
, sliced


In a small bowl, mix sweetened condensed milk and water until well combined.
Sprinkle pudding mix over the mixture and beat well until all the powder has dissolved.
Cover and place in refrigerator until completely set, for at least 1 hour or ideally, over night.
On medium speed of a stand mixer, whip cream until stiff peaks form.
In the bowl you wish to serve the pudding in, arrange 1/3 of the wafers on the bottom of the bowl, they may need to overlap to fit.
Then one third of the bananas as the next layer.
Then one third of the pudding mixture, followed by whipped cream layer. Repeat two to three times in total, until you fill the serving dish (finish with whipped cream layer).
Cover tightly and place back in refrigerator for 3 hours to chill. Optional garnish with banana slices, crumbs and bits of the wafers.

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