Cool Easter Egg Hunt ideas for family and friends!

Jazz up the traditional egg hunt and get imaginations going with these revised games that both kids and adults alike are bound to enjoy.


1.    Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just collecting eggs, why not ask participants to collect different colours of eggs, find flowers, and take pictures of critters or animals in the process? Each player can have a different checklist, and at the end of day, in addition to egg collecting, they’ll get to appreciate the beauty of nature in the process.


2.    Night Time Egg Hunt

Perfect for adults and older kids, fill plastic eggs with a glowstick and hide them in extra hard places!


3.    Extra Privileges Eggs

Replace candy prizes inside eggs with “privilege” cards. For instance, offering the chance to pick a meal at dinnertime, have an extra slice of dessert, or gain 30 more minutes of TV time is another great motivator.


4.    Reverse Egg Hunt

Reverse the roles this year and have the kids fill the Easter eggs with things that they want written on slips of paper (like stay up for an extra hour, skip chores for a day, etc.). Once all of the eggs are filled, have the kids hide the eggs and have parents try to find them. Any eggs that are not found in a certain time limit are the ones that kids get to keep.


5.    Golden Egg

Hide an extra-special egg (with a extra-special prize, of course) somewhere that's a little tricky to find. You can add extra rules too, such as, the hunt ends once a player finds the golden egg.


6.    Redeemable Eggs

Put tickets inside eggs that indicate a value, and have kids or adults collect all the tickets! Tickets can then be redeemed for physical prizes instead, rather like a fun fair!


7.    Pinata Eggs

Hang eggs on trees instead, and turn it into a pull and pop party, where in order to get the egg, players have to pull the string to release the prizes inside!



8.    Mix & Match Eggs

Perfect for the little ones, give each player a set of cards each depicting an egg with two colours on it. Players then have to collect enough eggs of that colour, and at the end of the hunt, swap out the tops and bottoms to get them to match their cards! A cool educational twist, this game gets kids thinking as well as playing.



9.    Puzzle Eggs

Get kids to work together as a team to collect all the puzzle pieces hidden inside plastic eggs. Once all the eggs have been collected, they then have to put together the puzzle piece to collect a goodie-bag worth of treats!



10.    Egg Relay Race

Split your kids into teams. When you say go, have the first kid from each team go search for an egg. Once they’ve found an egg, they come back and tag the next teammate who has to go find an egg. And repeat. Continue until one team has found a specified number of eggs (e.g., 20) as a team. You can also do this with younger kids, just make sure they understand that they can only find one egg and come back!




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