How To Make Pickled Green Chilli

Being one of the essential condiments in many Chinese dishes, pickled green chilli is quick and easy to make at home. Try this recipe and you will get a bottle of pickled chilli in no time.


All you need is green chilli, vinegar, sugar and salt to start the pickling process. Leave it overnight and the chilli will be ready for serving the next day. It is indeed painless to make and easy to store.

Ingredients A:

200g green chili (cut into 3mm slices)

Ingredients B:

250ml white vinegar
200g sugar
2 tsp salt


1. Place the cut chili in a mixing bowl, pour hot water and let it soak for 12 second, drain well. Set aside.

2. Place all the ingredients B in sauce pan, heat up just to dissolve the sugar and salt

3. Place the chili in jar, pour in the vinegar.

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