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35 Minutes



The baker behind baker&cook, one of Singapore's most delicious artesenal bakeries, gets you started on your first baking recipe with the twisted fig loaf.


Meet Dean Brettschneider from baker&cook, who demystifies the fine art of baking and divulges some of his longest kept secrets along the way. Try making this twisted fig loaf at home, Asha Gill explores more.

Cooking Tips:

You may also replace the figs with other dried fruits such as dates.



, cut into small pieces
, softened
, or Water
Chinese Five Spice
Baking Powder
Egg and Milk for sealing and glazing
Apricot Jam


Make the fig filling by combining figs, butter, rum and Chinese five spice in a large mixing bowl, mix well and set aside.
Prepare scone pastry by combining flour, baking powder, sugar, mix well.
Combine an egg with the milk and add to the flour. Knead gently but firmly until well combined.
Cut dough into half to make two portions
Roll dough out into a rectangle to about half a centimeter thick.
Spread half the fig filling on the top of the dough.
Roll the dough into a a tight roll, lengthwise, like a scroll, with the fig filling on the inside.
Seal the end of the dough with the egg wash to ensure the roll does not loosen.
Cut the roll down the middle, lengthwise, leaving a 2 centimetres gap at the top.
Carefully twist the bread by folding one end over the other end, similar to braiding.
Spread egg wash over the top of the twisted dough, avoiding the fig filling.
Repeat with the other half of the dough and filling.
Bake in a preheated oven at 225° degrees Celsius for 35 minutes.
While waiting for bread to bake, prepare apricot glaze. Add apricot jam to a pot of boiling water. Set aside and cool.
Remove bread from the oven and brush apricot glaze over to give bread a lovely shine.
Serve hot.

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