Eat The Right Food At The Right Time!

Knowing the right food to eat at the right time is very important in maintaining a healthy body. Follow this chart to find out the best time to eat these 8 types of food to get the most out of them!

1. Apple
It’s best to eat an apple in the morning as the fibre in its skin stimulates bowel movement.

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2. Banana
Highly fibrous, banana helps you digest your food after a meal. It also contains potassium that helps to lower blood pressure.

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3. Cheese
As an alternative to meat, the protein in cheese increases metabolism and keeps you satiated you throughout the day. It also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that promotes weight loss.

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4. Meat
According to some research, the vitamins B6 and B12 found in meat are good for memory and concentration.

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5. Rice
Being a staple food, rice is something that we cannot do without. Eat it in the morning when your metabolism is higher to ensure you have time to burn off the carbohydrates.

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6. Beans
Good news if the occasional bout of insomnia hits you: the natural estrogen in beans help you sleep well at night. Avoid eating beans in the morning as it increases your appetite that may cause you to binge eat.

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7. Milk
The tryptophan in milk relaxes your body and makes you sleep better.

8. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains healthy fats, which slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream and in turn promotes weight loss.

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Eat The Right Food At The Right Time

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