8 Smart Uses For Rubber Bands

Do you leave rubber bands lying around after you finish your ta-pau chicken rice? Now, you can start collecting them, as we have 8 amazing uses for these tiny wonders!

Control Your Soap Dispenser

Squirt too much soap? Create a stopper on the dispenser and regulate the amount of soap you want to dispense. Easy peasy.

Pack Your Luggage

You might know that by rolling your clothes into the luggage saves space but nobody told you that once you take a piece out of the nicely packed row, everything starts unrolling. Secure every single piece of rolled clothes with a rubber band!

Loosen Up Your Jeans

You don’t have to throw away your favourite jeans that don’t fit at the waist. Grab a rubber band, go through the buttonhole and hook it onto the button.

Prevent Apples From Browning

Going on a picnic and don’t want to bring a knife along to cut your apples? This trick prevents your apple from browning and keeps your apple fresh and crunchy.

No More Dunking Tea Bags

Secure your tea bag with a rubber band on your cup and voilà, no more strings and paper swimming in your tea.

Stop Your Clothes from Sliding

Ill-designed clothes hangers can sometimes get on your nerves when your clothes do not get hung properly! It is especially frustrating to see a wide-collared blouse sliding off all the time. All you need to do is to bundle some rubber bands at the ends of the hanger.

Easy Page Flipper

Do you flip a book by wetting your fingers? Unfortunately, you get unsightly water stains on the paper! Now, wrap a rubber band around your finger. This creates enough friction for you to flip those pages easily.

Unscrew A Stripped Screw

Tried too many times and the stripped screw just got worse? Simply layer the screw with a rubber band and you will be able to have some grip over the screw. 

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