6 Things You Can Do With Used Tea Bags

Pause right there if you are planning to chuck used tea bags into the bin! Leave them out to dry and save them for some good use as they can help brilliantly with a myriad of household functions.


1. Degrease Dishes 

Soak your dishes in warm water with used teabags to remove the grease before rinsing. Now you can do away with endless scrubbing!

2. Fertiliser

Reuse tea bags as fertiliser for plants as tea leaves add a nitrogen-rich component to the compost, making the plants grow well.

3. Air Freshener 

Add a few drops of essential oil onto used tea bags and hang it in your wardrobe for some refreshing scent.

4. Remove Odours 

Place a few used tea bags inside the fridge to soak up bad odours, leaving it fresh.

5. Add Flavours To Your Food

Flavour a pot of boiling water with pre-brewed tea bags before adding pasta or grains. Try jasmine tea with rice and green tea with pasta!

6. Prevent Pests

Tuck a few dried used tea bags at the dark corners where pests are lurking to ward them away!





Fri, 09/02/2016 - 11:20

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