5 Genius Ways You Can Repurpose Old And Used Household Items

Living in the city means that most things are so easily accessible. Which could also mean a lot more wastage than neccesary. Rather than throwing out or recycling, here are some ideas that you could use to give worn household items a new leash of life and possibly new purpose. 

#1 Get an (almost) new pillow 

If your favourite pillow gets flattened after some time, simply put it under the sun for 30 minutes, as the heat will absorb the moisture trapped in the pillow and make it a bit fluffier than before.

#2 Fake a green thumb 

Pots or colander bowls getting rusty from years of use? Give them new life by turning them into pretty planters for your growing mini garden near your windowsil.


#3 DIY foot spa 

Finish making your daily cup of tea? Instead of throwing out that teabag, throw it into a basin of warm water for a detoxing foot bath to neutralize odours and soften your skin.

#4 New vanity dresser 

Not sure what to do with an old or broken luggage? You could make yourself a new vanity dresser, or turn it into an accessories drawer with a few hooks or screws for your favourite necklaces and bracelets. See below for inspiration to get flowing...

#5 Create a wrap corner 

An old stool standing on its last legs? Flip it over, give it a fresh coat of paint if you like and make it your gift wrap caddy.

Get the full tutorial from http://www.hometalk.com/6956938/upcycled-kitchen-stool-gift-wrap-caddy


Tue, 04/19/2016 - 16:06

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