5 Dishes To Satisfy Your Local Taste Buds This Christmas

You don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas in Singapore. Other than religious reasons, many love celebrating Christmas because of the wondrous repertoire of festive delicacies. However, since Singaporeans love our local food, it’s only natural that we celebrate Christmas the Singaporean way. We know lah, you still prefer barbecue chicken wings to roast turkey; don’t have to be pai-seh about it! 

Siew Yoke

It’s not too common among Singaporeans to roast racks of ribs for Christmas, so the best alternative will be the heavenly crispy siew yoke! The layers of fats and meat just melt like chocolate in your mouth and you know how experienced the shifu is the moment your teeth hits the crispy skin.

Sambal Stingray

Living on an island surrounded by the sea, many of us are hopeless seafood lovers. We especially love our stingray covered with sambal chili and wrapped in banana leaves, before it's barbecued over charcoal fire. It’s such a simple and delicious dish, we recommend you to pop them in the oven to roast with your siew yoke.

Ngoh Hiang

One could describe this addictive local snack as deep fried cousins of German sausages. The meat is marinated with spices and then stuffed into a casing (in this case, rolled into beancurd skin). They get snapped up pretty fast so it’s advisable that you make at least a few batches to keep hungry guests happy. 

Chili Crabs

A popular member on the panel of our national dishes, the chili crabs has to be on the Christmas menu. We recommend you to eat them with your hands and remember to deep fry some mantou (Chinese buns) to soak up the sweet and savoury gravy. 

Nasi Lemak

One of Singapore’s favourite culinary staples is nasi lemak! Fragrant, fluffy and highly palatable, the coconut rice is traditionally steamed and served with fried kunning fish, egg and sambal chili. However, it can be eaten plain with any other dishes you like. Much like pasta, the combination of ingredients pretty much depends on each individual's preference.

BONUS! Ondeh Ondeh

How can any Christmas feast end without any dessert? Lightly minted with the lovely green hue from pandan juice, you won’t regret popping these kueh kuehs as they explode into a tasty combination of glutinous rice, gula melaka (palm sugar) filling and grated coconut.



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