5 Creative Ways To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy

Making bento boxes for your children is not as difficult as you think! With just a few items and 100% love, your bento boxes will be as good as those sold outside. 

Start with a BPA-free container and divide it into sections with cupcake liners. To make your bento boxes livelier, use cookie moulds to create fun and interesting shapes with bread, vegetables or rice patties. 

Next, create different themes to give your bento a refreshing change everyday! Here, we have rounded 5 creative bento ideas to get your kids to eat healthy.

Monday Booster

Often find leftovers from Sunday’s dinner gone to waste? One good solution is to use them to create a simple bento for the next day’s lunch!  

Recipe: Rice Burger

Tantalising Tofu Tuesday

Tofu can be really tasty if you know how to cook it! Eat it with rice and drizzle teriyaki sauce over for a delicious treat.   

Recipe: Tofu-Don

Wrap Wednesday

A great low-fat snack, this fish wrap is easy to make and guaranteed to be a kids’ favourite.

Recipe: Fried Fish Taco

Omega Thursday

Chock-full of nutrients such as omega-3, pan-seared salmon is a simple yet tasty dish to make your kids eat healthy.  

Recipe: Pan-Seared Salmon with Avocado

Friday Frenzy

Friday calls for a celebratory lunch with nutritious sandwiches in adorable animal shapes and cartoon characters, along with fresh berries as sides.

Recipe: Cute Characters Sandwiches
(Inspiration taken from littlemissbento.com)

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