5 Common Mistakes With Food Refrigeration

Food storage is important to maintain a clean and neat fridge. Are you making these 5 common mistakes? Find out now. 

Upper Shelves

Conveniently, we always put raw ingredients for cooking on the top level of the fridge. However, the temperature is slightly high for raw food. Ideally, you should store leftovers and ready-to-eat food here.

Lower Shelves

We tend to over crowd the lower shelves and this encourages bacteria growth when the temperature is not well-maintained. You should be storing eggs and raw meat here.

Vegetable Drawers

Separate your fruits from vegetables! Some fruits produce ethylene gas which makes leafy greens rot faster!


Don’t put glass containers in the freezer! It will crack when it freezes and it’s dangerous to anyone handling the frozen food.

Fridge Door

Did you know the temperature at the door fluctuates? This makes the door the worse place to keep your eggs, milk and dairy products. It’s the most convenient spot but save it for condiments which can stand up to the warm temperatures.

Tue, 07/26/2016 - 18:06

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