10 ridiculously useful things to have in the house

Surprise family and friends with your domestic resourcefulness

1. Coconut oil = DIY hair treatment

High in natural saturated fats, coconut oil is the perfect ingredient for a DIY hair conditioner. Mix it with a dash lavender essential oil to relax your hair as well.

2. Ground cinnamon = Lip plumper

Cinnamon is a popular ingredient for lip plumping home remedies as it increases blood flow to the lips, creating that illusion of fuller lips due to the mild irritation. 

3. Ice cubes = Soup oil skimmer

For health-conscious folks, this is music to the ears. Simply put the ice cubes on a ladle, scoop it across the soup and the excess fat will congeal around the cubes. 

4. Lemons = Detergent for metal pots/kettles

Packed with a dizzy array of vitamins and nutrients, lemons are also a great detergent as Domestic Goddess Amy Cheng demonstrates here on everything in the house, from mirrors to sinks. 

5. Vegetable peeler = Butter softener

When you’re in a rush at breakfast and don’t have much time to wait for butter to thaw, this quick hack will give you thin strips of butter instantly. 

6. Charcoal = Dehumidifier

Charcoal is a great natural absorbent so if you have a few pieces left from your last bbq, place them into a container like a coffee container and leave it in a room which tends to gather moisture easily such as the bathroom.  

7. Salt = Fresh stain remover

The same reason as charcoal, salt absorbs moisture like a sponge so this trick works if you’ve spilled on a couch, curtain or other fabrics that absorb slowly. Alternatively, you could also try Amy’s solution here, which works just as well. 

8. Vinegar = Antiseptic treatment for bug bites/stings

While generally regarded as a “home remedy” for stings and insect bites which is best treated by medical professionals, the acetic acid in vinegar has antibacterial properties that can help to disinfect superficial wounds and alleviate mild symptoms such as itchiness.   

9. Mayonnaise = Sticker remover

A lesser known adhesive remover, mayonnaise can also be used to remove watermarks from your table. Just apply onto the affected surface and leave on for an hour before wiping it off with a cloth. You could also try Amy’s way for removing stubborn stickers. 

10. Aluminium foil = Pan scrubber

Cooked up a storm over the weekend for your friends and family and have a pile of cast iron frying pans waiting to be washed? Soak them in water and use aluminium foil to scrub out any stubborn residual off your pan base.  

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