10 Hacks You Need For A Fun, Mess-Free Picnic

What tickles your taste buds the most when you are preparing for a picnic? An elaborate afternoon tea spread of cucumber sandwiches, muffins and cakes, or colourful fruits and salads that appeal to both your eyes and palate?

If the above excites you, yet the thought the thought of packing a picnic puts you right back into bed, read on to learn the 10 simple hacks that will make outdoor picnics your new favourite thing to do on weekends. After all, picnics are a memorable and affordable way to spend time bonding with your family and friends! 


1. Soggy Bottoms Aren’t Cool

Prevent your picnic mat from getting wet by first laying an old waterproof shower curtain on the ground before placing your picnic mat on top.

2. Freeze Water Bottles

Freeze a few bottles of water and use them as freezer packs to chill your drinks. You can drink them when they have melted to lighten your load while packing to go home.

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3. Muffin Liners Are Your Lifesavers

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Use muffin or cupcake liners to cover open cups. This prevents pesky insects from crawling into your drinks. Poke a hole in the middle of the muffin liner and insert straw for easy drinking. 

4. DIY Chips Bowl

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We often make a mess of our surroundings when eating chips. To avoid feeding the bugs and dirtying the environment, push up the bottom of a packet of chips and inside itself to get a flat base that sits perfectly on the mat without toppling.

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5. Mason Jars Salad

To keep salad fresh, store them in a Mason jar as an alternative to plastic containers and layer the ingredients accordingly with dressing at the bottom. Shake the jars to mix the ingredients evenly without making a mess. Instagram-worthy!

6. Chocolate Strawberry

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Cover strawberries with melted chocolate and keep them in cleaned egg cartons for easy carrying. It’s the best dessert to bring to picnics, as you can pop them into your mouth with ease.

7. Kebab-styled Fruits

Chop up your favourite fruits and skewer them onto satay sticks for an easy, mess-free picnic. 

8. Natural Itch Remedy

Hate the sticky feeling of spraying on insect repellant? An alternative would be to rub vanilla extract or a raw onion on skin to repel mosquitoes. Yes, it’s that easy! 

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9. Tie Sliced Apples Together

Hold sliced apples with a rubber band to prevent them from turning yellow on the way to your picnic location.

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10. Keep The Sand Away

Going for a picnic at the beach? Keep sand away by using an old bed sheet! All you need are some bottles or bags to hold up each corner and there you go – a perfect DIY anti-sandpit!

Alternatively, you can bring a small bottle of baby powder. Powder sticks to moisture, so shake it all over your sandy feet and then brush the sand away. Voila!

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